Quenching the Flames?

Adrian Reynolds engages with some recent books on hell.


Adrian is Training Director for FIEC and was previously Director of Ministry for The Proclamation Trust. He has authored several books including Teaching Numbers and (with his wife Celia) And Then He Knew Her: A biblical view of sex.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

1. Why are Two Views of Hell better than Four Views? (p46-47)

2. How would you make the case that “everything is connected to everything” (p50) in doctrinal issues? How is that true in the case of hell?

3. Al Mohler lists four reasons why hell is being questioned (p51). What other effects might these have on the life of our churches?

4. Where does Adrian draw the line around orthodox views of hell?

5. In church life, then, how would you deal with a home group leader who believed in Conditional Immortality, or another who you discover is a universalist? How would you defend your approach to the rest of the church?