issue 10

In issue 10 we tprimer-issue-10-coverackle the devil, demons, and spiritual warfare with help from Lewis Allen, Kirsten Birkett, Keith Ferdinando, David Shaw, Helen Thorne, and something old from Thomas Brooks.

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Stranger Things
The Battle Belongs to the Lord
Dungeons & Dragons
The Devil in the Detail
Life in the Trenches
Consulting the Living

Due to space constraints, we published a shorter version of Keith Ferdinando’s article in Issue 10. We’re delighted to provide the full article below, which includes the final section on the spiritual warfare of God’s people.

Charlie Butler has written an extra article for us, reflecting on Michael Heiser’s work on the spiritual realm. Heiser is an Old Testament scholar who has found his niche in making the complex world of academic biblical studies accessible to evangelical laypeople.