issue 11

In issue 11 we primer-issue-10-coverexplore the doctrine of humanity with help from Sarah Allen, Mark Meynell, Andrew Nicholls, David Shaw, Stephen Williams, John Wyatt, and something old from Friedrich Nietzsche.

Primer is a printed publication and can be bought from 10ofThose. Below are this issue’s articles and authors.

Introduction – Order out of Chaos (David Shaw)
Our editor introduces the issue and articles

“O Brave New World that has Such People in it!” (Sarah Allen)
The story of humanity, as told by four recent books

Thus Spoke Nietzsche (Stephen Williams)
A vision of humanity after “the death of God”

Focusing the Image (David Shaw)
The doctrine of humanity in Scripture

Ghost in the Machine (John Wyatt)
Technology and the future of humanity

And Who is My Neighbour? (Mark Meynell)
The image of God and the exercise of power

Safe Spaces (Andrew Nicholls)
An interview about abortion