issue 12

In issue 12 we primer-issue-12-cover marvel at the incarnation of the Son of God with help from Greg Lanier, Suzanne McDonald, David Shaw, Chris Stead, Nathan Weston, Garry Williams, and something old from John Owen.

Primer is a printed publication and can be bought from 10ofThose. Below are this issue’s articles and authors.

Introduction – It’s Grand and it’s Central (David Shaw)
Our editor introduces the issue and articles

“Who Do People Say that I Am?” (Greg Lanier)
The person of Christ in the Gospels

Learning to Sound the Right Notes (Chris Stead)
The doctrine of the incarnation and the genius of Chalcedon

Where There’s a Will, There’s a Way (Garry Williams)
Maximus the Confessor’s Christology and our salvation

Something Old – Wonder Vision (Suzanne McDonald)
Contemplating Jesus in John Owen’s ‘Meditations and Discourses on the Glory of Christ’

Jesus Our Brother (Nathan Weston)
Jesus’s incarnation as the end of shame and fear

Becoming a Bit More Human? (David Shaw)
Some reflections on ‘incarnational ministry’