leading with theology

Primer is designed to help those in church leadership stay theologically sharp and engaged. Each issue focuses on one area of theology, surveying current debates alongside historical perspectives.

Primer is published twice a year and issue 12, entitled In the Flesh (the Doctrine of the Incarnation), is available from 10ofThose.com.

Also available are:

Issue 01, True to His Word (the Doctrine of Scripture)
Issue 02, How Far We Fell (the Doctrine of Sin)
Issue 03, True to Form (Gender & Sexuality)
Issue 04, A Place to Stand (the Doctrine of Justification)
Issue 05, Coming Soon (the Doctrine of the End Times)
Issue 06, Newness of Life (the Doctrine of Sanctification)
Issue 07, Show & Tell (Apologetics)
Issue 08, How Great a Being (the attributes of God)
Issue 09, All Being Equal (the Trinity)
Issue 10, This World with Devils Filled (Spiritual Warfare)
Issue 11, A Little Lower than the Angles (the Doctrine of Humanity)

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