Make No Mistake

In this article, John Stevens gives an extended review of Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy edited by J Merrick & Stephen M Garrett.


John Stevens is FIEC’s National Director, co-chairman of the A Passion for Life steering group, sits on the Steering Committee for Word Alive, and is one of the elders of Christchurch Market Harborough. John is married to Ursula and they have four children.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

John quotes the FIEC Doctrinal Basis which states that “the Bible as originally given is in its entirety the Word of God, without error and fully reliable in fact and doctrine.”

Imagine your elders were concerned that it all seemed a bit complicated and wordy and so proposed a simplified version:

“The Bible is the Word of God, fully reliable in doctrine.”

Which elements, if any, of the original FIEC statement would you want to fight for? Why? In what order of importance?