Pulling Back the Curtain

A preacher’s guide to Revelation.


Graham is pastor of Grace Church, Cambridge, and also Director of Independent Ministry Training at Oak Hill College. His PhD was from St Andrews University examining the theology of Isaac Watts and he is also the author of a number of books.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

1. Why does Graham think it’s important to “appreciate the genre” (68)?

2. What are the structural markers Graham highlights? How does that suggest Rev 6-16 relates to Rev 4-5? Are you persuaded by that?

3. What are you doing to get to know the Old Testament better so that you can appreciate the way in which NT books build on OT themes?

4. Do you know what your “fundamental approach” to Revelation will be (p74)? How could you get clearer on that?

5. Are you in the habit of trying to capture the main message of a book in a sentence? Why not try that the next time you study or teach a book. Try writing a 100 word summary, then a 10 word summary.