Greater Grace and Eternal Leisure

An excerpt from Augustine’s City of God with an introduction and annotations by Bradley G. Green.


Bradley teaches theology at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. Amongst other things, he has written Colin Gunton and the Failure of Augustine and Covenant and Commandment: Works, Obedience, and Faithfulness in the Christian Life.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

1. Augustine speaks about God as our greatest desire and reward. How much of our teaching about the new creation has God at the centre?

2. Why won’t different rewards be divisive in the new creation? How can we try to make sure different gifts and roles aren’t divisive in the life of the church now?

3. What kind of freedom will we have in the new creation?

4. How does Augustine deal with the questions of whether we will remember sin or be aware of hell? Why does he think those will be good things?