A Brief History of the Future

John Stevens helps us to understand evangelical eschatologies and their implications.


John is FIEC’s National Director and one of the pastors of Christchurch Market Harborough. He teaches on courses at Oak Hill Theological College, Edinburgh Theological Seminary, Union School of Theology and the Cornhill Training Course.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

1. Try writing out for yourself a list of things you are certain the future holds. Then check your list against p22 and support that with Bible passages.

2. Looking over the puzzle pieces (pp-22-27), how much have churches you have belonged to ever taught on these things? Is that a good thing or not? Why?

3. Have a go at drawing a diagram to capture the differences between pre- post- and a-millenialism. (If you want to check your diagrams, this isn’t a bad effort.)

4. When you’ve read John’s evaluation of the different positions (p33), why do you think John calls himself an “optimistic amillenialist” (p21)? What do you think that means?

5. How would John’s wider reflections (p34-35) help your church shape its ministry?