The Only Refuge of Distressed Consciences

An excerpt from the works of John Owen with an introduction and annotations by Paul Gibson.


Paul Gibson serves as a pastor at Wheelock Heath Baptist Church in south Cheshire. He studied History at Oxford University and Theological and Pastoral Studies at Oak Hill College, including a Masters Dissertation looking at the doctrine of justification in John Owen and Richard Baxter.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

1. Why does Owen think the doctrine of justification is so vital? Do you agree?

2. Owen writes (Primer 04, p30):

“The righteousness of Christ (in his obedience and suffering for us) imputed to believers, as they are united to him by his Spirit, is that righteousness by which they are justified before God, on account of which their sins are pardoned, and a right is granted them to the heavenly inheritance.”

Have a go at explaining to someone why each of those elements is important.