A Sketch of the Justified Life

David Shaw examines the difference that justification by faith alone makes to our lives.


David is the Editor of Primer. He is part-time Theological Adviser for FIEC and part-time Lecturer in New Testament and Greek at Oak Hill Theological College, London. He’s married to Jo and they have four children.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

1. “Some of the most vocal champions of justification by faith can sound very self-righteous.” Do you recognise this problem? What do you think explains it? What does it say about us?

2. How do people in your church experience or reinforce tensions or prejudices across the boundaries of ethnicity, class, gender? How might the doctrine of justification help?

3. How might people coming into your church experience or perceive that the gospel is only for some kinds of people? How can your church better embody and reflect the truth that all and unrighteous and all can be freely justified?