Compassion Without Compromise

Robert S. Smith gives a pastoral response to the transgender crisis.


Robert S. Smith is an Anglican minister and theologian. He lectures in systematic theology and ethics at Sydney Missionary and Bible College, Australia and assists with ministry training and development in the Diocese of Sydney.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

Robert highlights a number of key pastoral questions on p58. Start to sketch in your answers, from what you’ve read so far:

1. How do we teach and encourage those who are conflicted and confused by the social changes going on around us?

2. How do we counsel and care for those who, through no apparent fault of their own, experience a profound sense of gender dysphoria?

3. How do we effectively evangelise gender non-conforming people?

4. What does repentance mean for someone who has undergone gender transition?

5. What does Christian discipleship look like for someone who battles ongoing gender dysphoria?