The Essence of Sin

Graham Beynon reflects on the ways in which several recent books distil the essence of sin and draws out some ministry implications.


Graham Beynon is pastor of Grace Church, Cambridge, and also Director of Independent Ministry Training at Oak Hill College. His PhD was from St Andrews University examining the theology of Isaac Watts and he is also the author of a number of books.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

1. Why does Graham think it is important to understand that there is a unity and a diversity to sin?

2. How helpful do you find it to see sin as taking two basic forms: fight and flight / pride and sloth? [See p16] Does that thought help you diagnose sin in your own life?

3. Do you agree that unbelief is the essence of sin? [p17] How would you defend or challenge that idea from the Bible?

David Shaw (Editor of Primer) sat down with Graham to delve deeper into his article and find out how the essence of sin affects pastoring and preaching. Watch it below.