“More sinn’d against than sinning”

Some thoughts on the ways in which our society functions as a victim culture – shifting blame onto others and protesting our innocence – and the implications for ministry.


David is the Editor of Primer. He is part-time Theological Adviser for FIEC and part-time Lecturer in New Testament and Greek at Oak Hill Theological College, London. He’s married to Jo and they have four children.

Ideas for further thought and discussion

1. Using the blank triangles on page 73, have a go at thinking of some examples of the ways people are cast as victims/persecutors/rescuers. Browsing some of the articles mentioned at the top of p70 might help.

2. When you experience hardship, how quickly do you find yourself starting to cast yourself as a victim in an unhelpful way? What effect does that have?

3. How can we avoid telling and retelling those kinds of stories to ourselves about our lives or ministries? How does the Bible supply us with a better story to tell? How do baptism and the Lord’s Supper give us a better story to tell?